FMCO Audition Schedule
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Sunday, January 5, Trietsch UMC Choir Room

 1:00 PMreserved
 1:10 PMreserved
 1:20 PMreserved
 1:30 PMreserved
1:40 PMavailable
1:50 PMavailable
2:00 PMavailable
 2:10 PMreserved
 2:20 PMreserved
 2:30 PMreserved
2:40 PMavailable
 2:50 PMreserved
3:00 PMavailable
3:10 PMavailable
3:20 PMavailable
3:30 PMavailable
3:40 PMavailable
3:50 PMavailable
 4:00 PMreserved
4:10 PMavailable
4:20 PMavailable
 4:30 PMreserved
4:40 PMavailable
4:50 PMavailable

Please see the auditions information page for location details.

If you are unable to attend an audition at one of the offered times,
you may contact us to request a separate audition appointment.
One of the conductors will contact you and make arrangements.

In the event that all time slots are taken, watch for news
in case we are able to extend the schedule.